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explore your Cosmic connection between the stars and your zodiac signs.

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How We Started

Peace and Blessings Starseeds!

My name is Aneeka Starmecca and I am the proud owner and founder of Cosmic Star Trendz. I grew up being curious about Astrology, Horoscopes and the different Moon Phases. Zodiac signs are uniquely personal to each individual.


They represent the time that we are born and a lot about our personality traits and all the characteristics of who we are. I was obsessed at an early age about reading my horoscope every day to find ways to stay aligned with the stars and myself. As a young girl, growing up, I've always be creative and into the Arts.


I initially started creating jewelry for my own astrological signs and what they all mean to me, before venturing out and completing my first Zodiac collection to share with the world. Cosmic Star Trendz was born at the intersection of various unique styles and fashion forward trends.


If your curious and want to learn a little more about yourself through your zodiac signs, tap in and be open to all the ways possible. My custom pieces of jewelry and apparel would make the perfect gift for any loved ones – or yourself.


Happy Shopping and many Blessings to you! 


Do you know your
Zodiac sign?

Why is knowing your Zodiac sign SO important??

I’m sure we all could write out a laundry list of reasons, but over the last few years I’ve found these to be the top 5.

~Know Yourself Better~
🌟One of the goals of life is self-improvement, which can be quite difficult if you don’t understand what you want. However, knowing about your zodiac sign will help you understand how you relate to others and what aspects of your personality need work. With a clear picture, it becomes easier to understand yourself better and work on things that need work.

~Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses~
🌟The 4 Elements – air, water, earth, and fire, has its pros and cons. Understanding the good and bad of your element will help you understand your behavior. These elements react just like their real-life counterparts and work together to achieve harmony.

~Zodiac Sign Compatibility~
🌟Looking at the traits of each element, you can make a generalized guess about whether you’re astrologically compatible with them or not. Certain elements complement each other to make for a great bond, while others may clash to create challenges.

~Understand Your Zodiac as a Whole~
🌟Learning the details of your zodiac signs can be very overwhelming, let alone all 12 of them. However, breaking them down by their respective elements makes it easier to understand. Bear in mind that zodiac signs are categorized into three groups based on elements. (Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable)

~Handle Conflict Better ~
✨This reason people often forget about.
🌟It’s not just compatibility but also conflict. Understanding the characteristics of elements will help you understand what triggers people and handle conflicts better. Based on the element traits, you’ll be able to understand impulses and unexpected reactions that come up during a particularly tough situation.




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